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At Sovereign Render Coatings we can offer a vast array of products.


Generally, the products differ in texture and application but are constructed  of silicons and resins.


The important thing to understand about the products that we specialise in is they all are designed to be maintenance free.


They all contain the final colour, they are breathable, self cleaning, resistant to cracking and peeling, designed to eliminate penetrating damp and all carry guarantees of up to 25 years.


Each coating is specifically designed for your home.


This is done via a home visit and technical inspection, at that point it will be possible to handle the different materials and experience the different textures.


Here is a list of just some of our coatings on offer:


Trowel and Roll

Our Trowel and Roll Pliolite-Based Coating is a premium quality, long life high build coating formulated for exterior use with our recommended reinforced base breathable base coat surfaces. It provides a self- stabilizing textured matt finish, based on Pliolite resin, it's formulated to withstand extreme weathers condition yet remains anti-crack, algae resistant, self cleaning and is through coloured.

This is a maintenance free product that you will never paint again!


Smooth Render System
Ideal for those looking for the traditional smooth render finish but without the ongoing maintenance:  Pliolite Resin Masonry smooth is a premium quality, long life masonry paint top coat formulated for exterior use. It provides a self-stabilising, textured matt finish that has excellent adhesion to our combination render base coats.  Based on Pliolite resin and formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions the coatings is breathable, water repellent, algae resistant, crack resistant and self cleaning.

Monocouche render is a through coloured, polymer modified render.

Commonly known as Krend of Parex it is designed as a single application product with a number of benefits. Micro Porous vapour permeable, water repellent and Through Colour.


Clear Coating Damp Treatment

Penetrating damp and do not want to cover your house with render?

Then this is the treatment you need for your home.

Using smart nano cream technology, after a chemical scrub and commonly re-pointing, we apply our Clearcoat Smart products.

This system offers long term protection from any forms of penetrating damp along with the additional benefits of having an energy saving by-product.

This coating will not alter the appearance of your home in any way yet to give you the protection that you require.


Spray Applied Coatings

Never Paint Again!!

These systems are designed to coat the outside of the property with a permeable, breathable outside layer.

They are generally resin-based and can be applied throughout the year.

They are not paint.  They are around 10 times thicker then paint with built in aggregate.

The system can only be applied once significant repairs treatment and base coats have been installed.

The end result is a stunning looking home that you never have to paint again.


External Wall insulation – EWI

Over the past 10 years this system has become incredibly popular due to government grant assistance.

Ideal for properties that have solid walls and therefore no cavities to inject insulation.  The installation is installed on the outside of the property.

In order for the system to be effective the thickness of the wall system has to be from 80 to 120 mm. Because of the depth of the installation, all reveals must be extended which does change the appearance of the home slightly.

On top of the insulation one of our long life flexible coatings is then applied.

This will give it a maintenance free life.



This is just a basic template of available colours


As our products are bespoke, we can make up specific colours (subject to quantity) and incorporate your requested colour into your personally designed, maintenance free coating.